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The reason why we keep a large military presence in South Korea is because, we have allies in Asia like South Korea, Japan, and other countries in the region. Another reason we have a military presence is because, it is a stragety point because, if something was to happen we could strike back in faster timing and help out an allie or, stop other countries from getting into nuclear warfare with each other.


The reason that Japan is so tectonically active is because, the entire island sits on about four to five different plates. When the plates shift it might start an earthquake or even bring a piece of land mass from the ocean floor. An earthquake could kills hurdreds if not thousands of people at a time depending on the damage that it does. If a new piece of land mass is brought to the surface it could be a new island.

About 1/4 of the land in Japan is used for agricultural purposes. They main thing they focus on in Japan is forestry because, they have a high demand for wood. Before the war they were mainly making rice but that changed. The reason they have a high demand for wood is because, they need it to rebulid, or build ne houses. Some of Koreas natural resources are coal, tungsten, graphite, molybdenum, lead, hydropower potential. These are the main things that are in high demand. The reason these resources are in high demand is becuase, most of them keep the lights on in Korea.

The climate of Japan is like The United States climate because, Japan has four main seaons like we do. They have a spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The climate of Korea is kind of moderate. It is also located on the East Asia monsoon belt. Which means that in winter time the air pressure is higher then usually.

I think that China’s communist government and the economic reform and freedoms. I think that China’s government wants their government to grow and reform to have more money. This away they stilll have money just in case if something happens. They let their people have freedom and let them be smart and have choices. This away they can excel in making products to have worldtrade and make the economy boost. The government would limit the political rights and freedom because, they don’t want the people to know everything that is happening. This way the people think the government does good things and not bad. For an example 38 people can die in a train wreck and you won’t hear about it. If 5 people were saved in a mine that collapsed you would hear about it. The governemnt does this to make the people think their good and are doing right by them.

   First off coal is 70% of China’s total energy consumption. The developement and production of coal is making China’s economy grow.  China has been minning coal since 476 B.C. and at this rate they will exploit their coal resource. It isn’t not  hurting the physical evironment but, its hurting their people and other countries around them. When you burn coal you put a lot of harmful chemicals into the air. After this chemicals are released into the ozone it can have a major effect on it. Since China is burning coal at a high rate they need to slow down and cut back on the  burning of coal.

   The reason that the political system may delay the economoy from growing. One reason maybe cause Russia have always been under communist rule. They are use to having the government to tell them what to do and when to do it. The people don’t really know how to live with freedom. It is a luxury that the people of Russia never hadso, their not use to it. When Russia was under communist rule the government had control over everyones life. The government would pay for your tactor to be fixed if you were a poor farmer. Now that Russia has the freeedom and choices to do what they want they are confused. We need to help them understand that with freedoms comes responabilites. They mainly need to understand that they have to provide for their families now and the government won’t help that much. If we help the people understand and maybe Russia we become better economic and political as we are in the United States of America.


   Russia have been the place i have wanted to visit since i was 14 years old. Some of my family came to the United States of America from Russia. I have always wanted to visit and see the sights of Russia. In Russia there is a lake called Lake Baikal which is called the crown of Russia. It is considered the most beautiful and deepest lake in the world. Some of the climates in Russia are cold and are near or at or below the freezing point. The coldest part of Russia is Siberia. In the 1950’s we had alot of disagreements with Russia and that started the cold war. The main language of Russia is Slavic which about 85% of the people speak. Only 25% percent of Russia lies in Europe \but, over 80% percent of the population lives there. The main religion of Russia is Orthodox Christianity. That was the main growing religion after the fall of their communism. For centuries Siberia has been Russsia’s main frontier for resources. The resources in Siberia are furs, gold, and lumber. Siberia’s main industries are lumbering, mining, and oil production. These are some of the reasons that Russia is a place full of wonderful things and adventure. I hope that one day i can visit Russia for a little while. So I can learn more about my families culture. It would be nice to visit the place my family came from so I could understand my culture better.

Some of the similarities that Portugal and Spain share are similar ethnic background, similar language, those infamous bullfights, and both eat chorizos. They both went through similar political and social periods at the same time thoughout history. Some differences in Spain in Portugal. In Spainish bullfights it’s a single man facing a bull with a “torero” which is a sword. In portugal bullfights a man faces a bull on horse back. The spainish people are more open to emtion things, and more for time keeping. The Portuguese are more of a open minded and will say what they want, and they dont like to spend alot of time on jobs.


   I would like to visit Berlin, Germany. The reasons why i wanna visit Berlin is because i’m one fourth german. Some of my family came from Germany in the late 1800’s. That and I have always wanted to try german food and see what there culture is about. I would like to learn more about life in Germany and visit there one day. Just in Berlin alone there is a population of 4million people. It is the second most populous city proper in the European Union. It would be great to go to Germany and learn about their culture and learn to speak their language. i would like to visit the east side of Berlin cause, it is said to the more industiral side of the city.