Russia have been the place i have wanted to visit since i was 14 years old. Some of my family came to the United States of America from Russia. I have always wanted to visit and see the sights of Russia. In Russia there is a lake called Lake Baikal which is called the crown of Russia. It is considered the most beautiful and deepest lake in the world. Some of the climates in Russia are cold and are near or at or below the freezing point. The coldest part of Russia is Siberia. In the 1950’s we had alot of disagreements with Russia and that started the cold war. The main language of Russia is Slavic which about 85% of the people speak. Only 25% percent of Russia lies in Europe \but, over 80% percent of the population lives there. The main religion of Russia is Orthodox Christianity. That was the main growing religion after the fall of their communism. For centuries Siberia has been Russsia’s main frontier for resources. The resources in Siberia are furs, gold, and lumber. Siberia’s main industries are lumbering, mining, and oil production. These are some of the reasons that Russia is a place full of wonderful things and adventure. I hope that one day i can visit Russia for a little while. So I can learn more about my families culture. It would be nice to visit the place my family came from so I could understand my culture better.